Welcome to Asset Class Trading. In this blog, I’ll explore and develop my thoughts on what works in trading, generating alpha and investing in general. I’ve been trading asset classes for the past 20 years for myself personally, and since 2001 as a portfolio manager of an active global tactical asset allocation strategy that specializes in trading asset classes. 

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Long-Term Expected Return of Collectibles

Executive Summary Stores of value represent an alternative asset class compared to stocks, bonds, and real estate. Examples include gold and silver bullion, many cryptocurrencies and NFTs, collectibles, and art. Stores of value do not generate income, and while most...

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Two Unappreciated Compelling Reasons to Own Gold in the 2020s

Executive Summary There are many smart investors who’ve taken a shining to gold in recent years. Their reasons are many, including negative real interest rates around the world, central bank buying, and rapidly rising production costs. In addition, gold can provide...

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